7th World Islamic Retail Banking Conference

17 - 18 November 2015, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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WIRBC brings Global C level Islamic Retail Bankers together every year, setting the stage for a powerful networking opportunity for conventional bankers, Islamic retail bankers, takaful companies, leading law firms, technology peers and Shariah experts to ensure that the strengths and weaknesses of the Islamic retail banking are probed every year and best practices shared to boost the sector growth.

With a history of 6 successful editions, 7th World Islamic Retail Banking Conference, will revolve around the  theme - “Creating Smarter Banking”; brainstorming, exploring and analyzing all aspects of innovative, technically advanced and competitive retail banking strategies to provide customers smart Islamic banking experience.

What's New in 2015?

Understand what is the transformation that your business needs today?

Let's understand essentials of product structuring How do you stay profitable with shrinking revenues and stronger regulation?
How global macro-trends will impact the retail banking industry? Has your strategy embraced Digital Trends? How do you ensure your channel investments payoff?
What is your bank’s response to the rise of the digital consumer? Is it a part of your strategy to compete, differentiate and grow? Analytics: How can it make a big difference?
What Our Past Participants Have to Share

"The current global crisis proves without any doubt the need to explore alternatives to current conventional practice in money snd finance based on interest! Islamic Finance offers many opportunities to be explored by anybody who cares about the health and prosperity of world economics and finance we invite all to this promising future."

Sheikh Nizam Yaguby, Shariah Scholar

"The topics chosen for presentation were extremely relevant and informative. The chairman was especially good at linking the topics ad in driving the discussions."

Sam Guest, Eiger Trading Advisors

"The conference was very useful at all but the specific aspect which I really love is discussion between scholars to solve Islamic banking problems, I really appreciate the efforts of Fleming Gulf and I gain a good experience here."

Khalil Sailh Zada, Pashtany Bank

"Informative, productive, exchanging expertise, opening venue – boosting each other to continue our fight for the growth of Islamic banking."

Ghinwa Jomaa, Arab Finance House S.A.L.

"This conference is an added value for all people who are or want to be an Islamic financial services providers."

Wasan mohammed Adeeb Hijazi, Herfah Cooperative

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